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S770O-Polyimide Silicone Tape

Use this tape as an insulating and surface protection tape for hightemperature applications. It can also be used as a mask in soldering applications and as a coil winding tape in electrical components that will see high temperature service. This tape has exceptional high temperature resistance and has great puncture and tear resistance when used in elevated heat conditions. You will find this tape to be conformable and leaves behind no residue upon removal. It is also available on liner. *Standard core is plastic.

  • Use this tape for powder coat masking when process temperatures are >450°F and you need conformability.
Carrier: Polyimide Film/2.0 mil
Adhesive/Thickness: Silicone/1.5 mil
Total Tape Thickness: 3.5 mil
Adhesion to Steel: 22 oz/in
Assembly Bonding
Masking Splicing