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S1032-High-Tack Acrylic Splicing/Bonding Tape

You will find excellent resistance to solvents, heat and chemicals with
this tough polyester backed tape. It has an extremely aggressive acrylic
adhesive system, which offers quick bonding and a permanent stick to
a variety of surfaces. It displays high resistance to acids, staining, and
water absorption. It has low stretch and long life. This tape is a great 3M
396 alternative. *Standard core is cardboard.

  • This tape can be used for bookbinding, edge protection, and seaming Styrofoam insulation panels.

Carrier: Polyester/2.0 mil
Adhesive/Thickness: Acrylic/2.0 mil
Total Tape Thickness: 4,0 mil
Adhesion to Steel: 60 oz/in
Assembly Bonding
Masking Splicing